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Starship Modeler's 24th Contest: Trek Wars

 (Box Stock, Accurized, or Limited/Commercially-Available Conversions)
[First Place]   Millennium Falcon KIT 15
[Second Place]   A-Wing KIT 07
[Third Place]   Borg (Unplugged) KIT 03
[Editor's Choice]   ISD Stormhawk KIT 14
Death Star II KIT 01
Blockade Runner Tantive IV KIT 02
(The Bloodstains of) Vulcans Don't Lie KIT 04
All-Terrain Attack-Transport (AT-AT) KIT 05
Star Trek: Nemesis Scorpion KIT 06
USS Franklin NX-326 KIT 08
X-Wing KIT 09
Romulan Warbird Valdore KIT 10
Not The Droid You're Looking For KIT 11
TIE Fighter KIT 12
Jango Fett KIT 13
ISD Stormhawk KIT 14
DS9 Runabout KIT 16

 (Bespoke Wonders & Hideous Chimeras Born of Stray Objects)
[First Place]   Kronos 1 (24th Century version) SCRATCH 18
[Second Place]   USS Skywalker NH-0001 SCRATCH 28
[Third Place]   Alternate USS Reliant NCC-1864 SCRATCH 26
[Editor's Choice]   FSMV-1 Dodonna SCRATCH 12
Klingon-Romulan Coalition SCRATCH 01
Corellian Light Freighter Wavecrest SCRATCH 04
Frontier-Class Scout U.S.S. Crockett SCRATCH 05
USS Enterprise-C Heavy Shuttlecraft Tereshkova SCRATCH 06
USS Essex NCC-672 SCRATCH 07
Spectre- Class Frigate USS Eisenberg - NCC 85070 SCRATCH 08
The Unholy SCRATCH 09
USS Joxer NX-1996 SCRATCH 10
Imperial Assault Shuttle SCRATCH 11
Destroyer-class Enterprise SCRATCH 13
Klingon Condor-class Infiltration Vessel SCRATCH 14
USS Borodin NCC-63290 SCRATCH 15
Cardassian Carhop SCRATCH 16
Space: 2199 Iggy SCRATCH 17
U.S.S. Stanwix NCC-51910 SCRATCH 19
Galactic Federation Star Bird Defender SCRATCH 21
Hope, Courage, Victory! SCRATCH 22
Nebulon Type-O Battle Cruiser SCRATCH 23
POR-K1N5 Heavy Weapons Escort SCRATCH 24
USS Bradley NCC-2502 SCRATCH 25
Re-imagined USS Enterprise-E NCC-1701-E SCRATCH 27

 (Compositions That Tell a Story or Capture a Moment in Time)
[First Place]   Death Star Doomsday DIO 01
[Second Place]   AT-RT Travel Makes Me Seasick DIO 04
[Third Place]   This is the Way DIO 11
[Editor's Choice]   Kirk and Spock on Hydra DIO 09
D-Squad DIO 02
ENTERPRISE-D Saucer Crash Site DIO 03
Snowspeeder DIO 05
Battle of Hoth DIO 06
"Have you got the communication link established yet, Trooper?" DIO 07
Artoo and Threepio DIO 08
Hunter of Bounties DIO 10

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