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   Pink Witches Walker Tank ‘Viktor’




Scale: 1/35

What if… The Second World War never ended? No nukes were developed, so the ongoing global conflict carried on... and on.

The world has been at war for 75 years. Eastern Europe is a scarred wasteland, Britain is under siege from the seas the air while fighting to help the allies hold onto beachheads in France and Spain. South America and Australia are under Axis Power dominion and Mexico and the southern states have been ravaged by decades of war. Africa lies contested territory and fierce battles still wage there.

21st Century Forces are tiny compared to the mighty armies of the twentieth century; resources are scarce and manufacturing centres targets for bombing. Technology has moved forwards in military areas, with each side seeking to gain advantage. Mechanised warfare still lies at the heart of modern battle.

North Africa 2014: Rag-tag allied forces range out from hidden bases making hit and run attacks on German outposts. The 34th coalition Mechanised is a group drawn from many countries using patched up equipment. One such vehicle is the British/Russian designed ‘Viktor’ class Mechanised Support Tank. This vehicle is crewed by the Pink Witches. As the war dragged on, the role of women became increasingly important and women now have prominent roles across the vista of war. This all girl crew keep the ‘Witch’ in working operation, scrounging sheet steel and components.

This scene depicts the Witch in a brief moment of rest. In their latest skirmish the tank took damage to leg armour. Vicky, the engineer is bolting on a rough steel shield to see it through.

The Viktor class sports twin, turret mounted long range ‘Longbow’ missile launchers, and a 120mm main gun. It can also act as a mobile command and communications hub, with ECM capabilities. The tank has a travelling speed of 25MPH over a variety of terrain. And can scale even fairly heavy inclines.

This is an almost entirely scratch built model in 1/35th scale. The model is primarily made from sheet styrene, plastic and metal tubing, electrical wires and a few, but not many, parts from the spares box.

This has been a labour of love. I made every leg fully articulate, although in the end I ended up taking them all in place for stability. This stage almost drove me made making all the hydraulics, joints and fittings. The model ended up pretty large, measuring almost 16 inches across from leg to leg.

I built two turrets, but the first one I scrapped as I hated the shape. In the end I went for the ‘puppy dog’ design.

I managed to find various female crew figures on ebay, which was the most expensive part of the model. I decided to create a bit of a base, though I would not really class this as a diorama as such, more just a scenic base. But it sets the scene of the North African desert. The model was painted in earth brown and lightened using a light dusting of sand brown, then weathered using MIG weathering paints, dry pastels and washes. I built this up in layers to really show that this lady has seen a lot of action.

The base is a piece of MDF with some modroc laid down and painted. The lean to and ruined walls are foam board, wood and paper. I added a few basic accessories such as oil drums and jerry cans to finish the scene.

In all this took around 3 months to design and build.

Image: Right/front view

Image: Left/rear

Image: Overhead

Image: Crew

Image: Repairs

Image: Basic forms

Image: Upper detail

Image: Leg detail

Image: "Noseart"

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