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   Atomic V-6 Rocket

Scale: 1/48

In an alternate Second World War....

Adolf Hitler is incapacitated shortly after the Fall of France. A brief but bloody power struggle ensues and Armaments Minster Albert Speer assumes the role of Chancellor. Under Speer's leadership the Battle of Britain and Operation Sea Lion are successful. Winston Churchill's body is found with other defenders where they made a last stand.

During the next year, Germany pauses to rearm, replenish and research. Japan attacks Pearl Harbor on the 7th of December 1941. The United States quickly declares war on the Empire and Speer does nothing. The dragon has awake and focuses it's entire industrial might on the Empire alone.

With the Americans involved in their own war, the German Generals now look enviously toward the resources of the Soviet Union. In mid 1942 Germany invades. The Soviets expected an attack and put up stiff resistance. However, with the German's advanced technology and wonder weapons, early phases of the plan went well and most major campaign objectives were achieved.

But, after almost three years of brutal fighting, the Soviets begin to turn the tide of battle. It's clear the Japanese will be defeated and the United States may come to the aid of the Russians if the war is not won quickly. Albert Speer decides it's time to launch his most terrible new wonder weapon: the Atomic V6 Rocket.

My 1/48 Atomic V-6 Rocket is based on Pegasus Model's 1/350 Mercury Rocket.

The model was built straight from the box. The splinter camouflage is based on the “ragged” scheme used on the V2 rocket. The model was painted in a combination of Tamiya, Model Master and Vallejo acrylics and lightly weathered with oils and pigments.

The base was covered with individually-cast “cement” slabs cast in resin. The accessories are a hodgepodge of manufactures, cast and scratchbuilt pieces. Painted in acrylics and weathered with oils. The ground debris scattered around the launch facility was created from kitchen spices. The figures provide scale; I call them Helmut and Schnitzel. The whole thing was sealed with a coat of Testor's Dull Coat.

The most challenging part of the build were the seams and intake fit. I wish more consideration had been given to the location of the seams. They ran right down the kit bisecting surface detail. Other other real problem was the poor fit of the intakes. The interior detail of the vents required copious amounts of putty and detail sanding to get the fit just right.

Image: Pedestal detail

Image: Work area

Image: Helmut und Scnitzel

Image: Cabling

Image: Umbilical

Image: Perhaps the last known image of the dreaded German Atomic V-6 Rocket, photographed at its secret launch facility just hours before the catastrophe.

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