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Scale: 1/2500

In 2344, the Enterprise C responded to a distress call from a Klingon outpost at Narendra III. The Romulans had attacked the outpost and in the ensuing battle it was destroyed and the Enterprise C captured. Having captured the Enterprise intact, the Romulans proceeded to analyze it to determine the current state of Federation technology and disposition of Federation forces. Having determined that the Federation had fallen behind the Romulan Empire in weapons technology, the Romulans decided that the time was ripe to attack.

Using the Enterprise C as a template, the Romulans proceeded to construct over a dozen replicas of the Ambassador-class vessel. These ships were then sent across the neutral zone and used to confuse the Federation outposts while fleets of Warbirds laid waste to the Federation fleet. As the war progressed, the ships were integrated into special infiltration teams that used their Federation construction and warp signatures to camouflage themselves. The tactic proved effective through the early months of the war and aided the Romulan fleet in many of the decisive early victories. By the time the Federation had fully realized the ruse, the Romulans were already winning the war.

The ship depicted here is one of the infiltration units that survived to the later period of the war when the pretense of being Federation ships had been dropped and they received a properly Romulan paint scheme.

Model Description

This is the 1/2500 Enterprise 1701-C kit from AMT. As a cadet series kit, the base construction was relatively simple, with only a bit of sanding and light putty necessary to build the kit.

Painting was done staring with a base of RAF Dark Slate Grey. The warbird emblem and accent painting was done using Dark Green. The warp engines and main deflector dish were done using Pal Green and Sublime Green. Finally the windows were all drawn in using a Pigma Micron 005 black pen. All painting was done by hand and all paints were Model Master Enamels.

Image: Top view

Image: Top/rear

Image: Port

Image: Front

Image: Starboard

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