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  'Herman' Fernmessergeraet German Anti-Stealth System

Scale: 1/35

The idea for this twist on the established history of WWII was to be translated into a number of vehicles all on individual bases to suggest a large unit in the field such as Patriot might deploy today. The formation is outlined in my back story but time meant only one vehicle was fully finished ( though a snap of the HVM carrier is included to show progress).

The Radar ( or more correctly Fernmessergeraet translation as ”long-range measuring device”) was inspired by a filter screen falling from a tumble dryer as I helped a friend take it to the dump. It was reduced dramatically to a central circle. An old Tamiya Sd.Kfz 7 halftrack and a Dragon Armoured railwagon were also used in the kitbash. The halftrack was made up normally till the super structure was called for. The cab and bonnet were removed and the front part of the canvas roof cut away too. The ladder frame body was raised to allow the mounting of the rhomboid railcar. This had been cut to remove one of the angular sides, and plated in with plastic card to make the cab rear. External details were simplified and the turret reworked. More plastic card as well as parts from the Airfix pontoon bridge made up the turret supports. Scratch ladders were the final element. The crew man is a Dragon figure, the motor bike from Tamiya with a converted Academy soldier alongside.

The HVM is a much more involved kit bash using an Italeri Elephant, shortened Corporal missile, a Tamiya mobelwagon and Dapol diesel loco kit. But as it's not finished it doesn't really matter.

Image: Dish

Image: Top view

Image: Back side

Image: HVM carrier under construction

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