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   Start a Revolution in Your Kitchen!




Scale: ~1/35

Start a revolution in your kitchen! - The Fabulous Food-Cutter of 1880 (Project Rejected).

It was during 1880's World Fair that was held at Melbourne International Exhibition in Australia that it all happened. She was still young at that time, but she remembered that day forever.

Being the eighth World's Fair officially recognized by the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) and the first official World's Fair in the southern hemisphere (the second to be held in Australia), it ran from 1 October 1880 until 30 April 1881. More than 2 million people were supposed to visit it according to what the newspapers said.

It had been a very long way getting here from the lonely village she was born, but the female seller had finally made it! Despite all the dusty roads and the many difficulties she had been forced to go through in order to reach this town, the site of the Fair had appeared before her own eyes with all its wondrous new devices and great opportunities of those promising years. Having booked the expensive slot for a stand inside the Exhibition and having positioned a visible sign with the following contents: "1880 World's Fair- "Start a revolution in your kitchen!", she brought there the new fabulous robotic-machine she had built - one of the first examples of what the new technology of their Great Steam-Age could already achieve certainly. Then she simply put the New Food-Cutter of 1880 in the right place, and switched it on.

According to the programming, the machine started displaying its many uses and in fact it began easily slicing some pieces of meat by means of its miter saws, thus showing off its perfection and speed. Then, all in a sudden, it simply missed its target and cut to pieces also the small table that stood in front of it.

Immediately the passers-by and the possible customers around noticed it and made their sarcastic and, at times, also worried comments saying "What if it was your hand instead of a table, by chance?" or also "Do you need to buy a new table any time you activate such a thing to simply cut some meat maybe?"

So, the woman understood that all had gone to pot and she had lost that chance to impress people.

It might have been a very good opportunity, but it ended up being a disaster...well, if only the machine didn't malfunction she could also get some good requests and make money, but it activated by chance and malfunctioned again when she brought it back to her truck, slicing also it into two parts! That was a very bad day for her business!

In reality things went differently from what she had expected, after all...if only it hadn't destroyed also that police car that came to check the whole situation and stopped it once and for all, well, at least she could have had another chance, maybe...

In a way, she knew that a possible, promising future had sadly departed from her, once and for all.

This small Steampunk diorama is set on a round wooden base, made as a sort of corner at 1880 World's Fair. The woman is in (roughly)1/35 scale and is an old kit, modified, while the mecha is a Games Workshop kit with many scratchbuilt parts, turned into a sort of retro-futuristic appliance.

The colors are mostly acrylics with oils for some portions. Finally, some washes on the robot to differentiate the various sections and the details.

Image: Right side

Image: Behind the sign

Image: Details

Image: Rear

Image: Top, detail

Image: Left side, detail

Image: Looking up

Image: Top view

Image: WIP: Girl, modified

Image: Robot, starting

Image: Rough draft

Image: Major components

Image: Places, everyone!

Image: Almost done....

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