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   Stellar Envoy




Scale: 1/72

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..... Things didnt turn out quite as you remember.

This is the Stellar Envoy (although much older than when we first met her) which was featured in Episode III.... The most commonly told backstory of the Stellar Envoy is that she was a diplomatic transport for the Republic Loyalists (those Senators and a few Jedi who were opposed to Chancellor Palpatine's sweeping changes for the Republic.) The Stellar Envoy actually became the Millennium Falcon after she was badly damaged in an unexpected battle. Lando bought her as scrap and Han won her in that infamous game and rebuuilt her into the Falcon.

My what-if scenario is as follows: Stellar Envoy never actually was damaged in that unexpected battle and she followed a much different path, maintaining her diplomatic status and blue markings long after the rebellion has begun and the Republic has given way to the Galactic Empire. Does she still help in the destruction of the first Death Star? Does she still follow fate and fall into the hands of a perhaps very different Han Solo?

This was a very exciting and fun build. I decided if I was going to create an all new YT-1300 she should be created properly so I used the Fine Molds 1/72 Millennium Falcon kit.

She is a pretty standard stock build. I felt building her in flight was a bit more majestic than having her landed. The images we have seen of the Envoy are of her much younger and less tattered than my version. I decided to make her around the age of the Falcon maybe around the period slightly before 'A New Hope'. In my imagination I assume that she would be faded and have quite a bit of weathering. I mixed a blueish/ green color with some white to give the appearance of faded markings. I also did the same for the rusty orange colors by adding some yellow and white.

There was a LOT of masking for this project. It was relatively difficult because there are no real hull indicators where the markings should go. I went by stock images and just followed the curves of the ship. I have to admit it was fun creating an all new look for the Falcon. I also added darker areas of blue and lighter for various wear patterns... I even lightly airbrushed patterns of blues on the markings to give depth.

Weathering was intense. I wanted to make the ship look old and yet still maintain her overall look so I decided washes, drybrushing, and oversprays in certain areas were the best ways to get the desired effect. I wanted to make her look like she had seen action but not so much so that certain key features were rendered unrecognizable.

Overall this was a fun and satisfying build.

Image: Cockpit close-up

Image: Sensor dish

Image: Upper surface detail

Image: Starboard side

Image: Grillin'

Image: View from above

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