[Starship Modeler's 23rd on-line modeling contest: Departures]

   A Breath Of Fresh Air, Finally…



Scale: 1/48

They had been keeping him in chains in that place for many years, those cruel human scientists, always taking some new blood samples and testing painful treatments on him day by day while he was unable to oppose them, incapable of reacting and escaping their grip. That lab was full of many Steampunk machineries, unusual liquids, long ducts and other things he simply never understood. What he only knew was that he was a new creature, partly man and partly something else, as his genes also came from an elephant, or maybe a rhino, or some other Pachydermata like those…

Then, one morning there had been a power loss, unexpectedly - he didn't know if it all was because of a war that was going on somewhere on the upper surface, as he heard some bombs and shots at times- and all the barred rooms had opened wide. So he was able to go out, finally, and move away from that place.

After taking a torch, he armed himself with all he could find around, before going out. The sort of huge gun that he had seen humans using at times could prove to be helpful, you never know, so he also took that, too.

The first thing he encountered was just some bony remains of human skeletons. Who knows, maybe they, too, had been some poor subjects that had undergone some deep sufferings and pains because of the cruel experiments made on their bodies, like him. Given the anger he presently felt inside his mind, he thought they were not the only dead humans that would be lying on the ground in the surroundings, as many and many of them where going to be added as soon as he just stumbled into them when he got to the surface outside.

His long travel across the world as a free, new creature had just begun. It was a departure from all that he had known and seen before, for sure. And there was really a long way ahead of him, he thought ...

The kit is just a single miniature/figure from Warmachine Game TM , with a rocky setting on which the model has been positioned. Some skeletons were added to better fit the scene and the overall story, according to the Contest theme "Departures". The colors are only oils, as I rarely use acrylics nowadays.

Image: Right/rear view

Image: Front

Image: Another side

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