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   Orca Aerial Police Unit Alpha Indigo 1-8

kit_04_00_Orca_HK_threequarter_front_view (254K)



Scale: 1/32

Backstory: What if… Skynet never became self-aware?

So, in this universe Skynet never made the jump to self-awareness. Instead, Cyberdyne continued the design and production of the various aerial and land-based HKs for military and police use. (This was obviously what they were designed for originally, before Skynet took them over for zis own nefarious purposes. After all, why else would the Aerial H-Ks and H-K tanks in the first two "Terminator" films have police lights?) Along the way, quantum-memory AI was developed as a tireless pilot for these vehicles. But these quantum computational devices have one flaw- they can pick up quantum "echoes" from alternate timelines, including a universe next door where Skynet became murderously self-aware…

This is the Pegasus Models "Terminator 2 Aerial H/K" model, done up as a futuristic police vehicle. I articulated the legs of the model, to show it in a landed mode. (According to Larry Thompson at Pegasus, there isn't really any documentation on how these legs are supposed to work- the original Aerial H/K models were built without articulating landing gear, so it's a kind of guesswork and reverse engineering as to what these looked like extended.)

I used Tamiya Fine White Primer and Vallejo acrylics to paint this model. A premade "black" wash from The Detailer gave my bare-metal parts a slightly bluish hue. A medium-gray sludge wash picked out the panel lines. A finish coat of Vallejo Satin Finish varnish sealed in the weathering and decals.

The decals and police lights come from policecarmodels.com. I added self-adhesive craft jewels to the inside of the police lights, to make them look as though they actually had some sort of internal details. Note that there are two- one on top of the vehicle, and one on the bottom. The aerodynamic light covers on the wingtip police lights are pegs from a Lite Brite refill kit, cut to size.

The intake covers over the engines are there to keep the engines from sucking in any debris. They are made from some styrene Easter Eggs, cut down and scribed to look like protective intakes.

The front camera is a part from a Pegasus Models "Chemical Plant" model. As I was completing this model, one of the front searchlights turned up missing, I was trying to figure out how to complete this build, when I saw a part from the "Chemical Plant" that would make a great FLIR-style camera. The lens is an actual lens from a cheap broken digital camera, with some Vallejo Carmine Red behind the lens.

All in all, I'm pleased with the result. I plan on doing another one of these with lights.

Image: Top/right view

Image: Right/front details

Image: Nice doggy....

Image: From above

Image: Ready to pounce

Image: Underneath

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