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Your Two Cents: Starcrafts Zerg & Terran Marine

The following are reader's opinions of the Starcrafts Zerg & Terran Marine made by MRC/Academy.

Reviewer   Skip Harris
Date Reviewed   Apr 9, 2002
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments After reading that 2 figures from the game "Starcraft" would be realeased, I promptly started chomping at the bit. On the morning after I was making the rounds of my local shops ,and lo and behold , I found the zerg dude (Sweetness!), He now graces my pc monitor. Great kit ,sumthin different , good price. Now if they would only release a Protoss Dragoon , now that would rock!

Reviewer   Adam Canning
Date Reviewed   Apr 9, 2002
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments Just a few points from knowing what exists in the StarCraft Game

FireBats are Flamer armer fheavy infantry. The Marine Medics are indeed female and one might expect a female commando [Ghost] and a guy on a jetbike [Vulture] if tehy were being sensible. The other terran stuff the Goliath Walker, Arclight Siege tank and the aircraft are likely to be a bit big.

On aliens I'd expect to see the Protoss Zealot [Close combat suit], Templar [Biggger suit with cloak] and Dragoon [Four legged Gun mech]

For the Zerg the Zerglings [Small fast chaser melee types] seem likely the others that come to mind are larger [Ultralisk, Mamoth thing] or flying.

They might do the engineering units drone, Standard Construction Unit and Probe. See [] for theoriginal source. Adam -- Once you have pulled the pin, Mr Nova Bomb is no longer your friend.

Reviewer   roelf arthur gavino
Date Reviewed   Apr 9, 2002
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments I haven't seen the Zerg kit yet but i made several conversion on the Terran Marines. The only available kit here in the Philippine anyway is the Terran Marine. Specially one that i made for to be a Medic and Firebat. Coz I couldn't wait for the Medic and Firebat version, so I made one. Over all the kit is well made and easy to build, the only thing I added to the chest plate is the protruding thing thats in the photo otherwise it was enjoyable to built it took me four hours to built.

Reviewer   evil69
Date Reviewed   May 28, 2002
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments O yes, about time. I have the games and was hoping someone would pick up some of the designs. I got the marine first and today I picked up the hydralisk, can't wait for the protoss. Hopefully they will produce some vehicles. A must if only for the fact they are so simple, but sweet once built!!

Reviewer   Kou Vue
Date Reviewed   Jun 17, 2002
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments I just received my zerg and terran model kits. They were quick, easy, and fun to assemble. Both models looks great after assembly. Paint will be required for them to look top-notch though. The only drawback are their sizes. All-in-all, both models are a must for true starcraft and modeler fans.

Reviewer   Jim Dowell
Date Reviewed   Jul 4, 2002
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments I just received this model of the Hydralisk today and it is ultimately nifty! It does need some paint however but hey. I'll have to get the marine now. and the Zealot when they make it

Reviewer   Briit-marie friberg
Date Reviewed   Sep 9, 2002
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.

Reviewer   Troy 'WIDELOAD'
Date Reviewed   Apr 27, 2004
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments After reading the reveiws and fixing the various lil 'querks' of the kit. It went together with minimal problems. The only new one i found was the backpack piece needed the holes enlarged to make it fit well. Otherwise a good fun, cheap (AUS$11, bout $5USD), and a great boredom killer.

Reviewer   SC2
Date Reviewed   Jul 6, 2007
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments Yes get it!

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