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Holding Parts While Painting




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Heres a cool little thing I've been doing lately.

Grab a package of bamboo chopsticks from the chinese foods section of your local grocery store. I picked up a pack of 8 pairs for 4 bucks. Don't get the ones that are pointed. The wood ones will work as well but I find the bamboo ones are best. Drill a very small hole about 2/3" in the tip with a pin vise or a drill press. Clamp the chopstick in a benchvise with the hole up and hold a knife blade across the tip. Gently tap the knife with a hammer to split the chopstick down the length about an inch or two. Because bamboo has streight grain, it should split evenly down the middle. Now wrap a very small elastic around the tip about half way down the split section. Continue with the rest of the chopsticks until you have all the clamps you need.

The hole forms an indent to help hold round sprues and the elastic helps maintain a firm hold on the part.

After painting the part, stick the handle end in a 1 gallon paint can filled almost to the top with sand.

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