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Tip O' The Day

Tip O' The Day

Better, cheaper magnifiers    




Submitted By:

   En'til Zog


   If you want to 'get closer' to your models in the visual sense, you have a couple of routes to go. One is to use a big magnifying glass on a base (some have lights in/around the lens to light up what you are trying to look at). The other is to use some sort of magnifying lenses that mount on your head, rather like antlers.

I prefer the second approach for its ease of head movement, but do not like the big commercial 'magnifier headpiece' thingies that go on your head like a surgical clamp. I prefer a more comfortable, usually cheaper alternative. Reading glasses.

Go to a good local 'drug store' or pharmacy department at most large department stores like Wally-World or K-mart and look for a display of generic reading glasses. I found a strong magnifier (2.75 diopter) in a very comfortable plastic frame for about $7.00. I also found a very strong (3.5 diopter) magnifier in a carbon fibre frame for under $14.00. Either one is very comfortable to wear for hours, and each even has 'spring temple' hinges.

If you need some extra 'looking power' or are getting older like so many of us, hit the rack, Jack. Find the magnifier that fits your needs and style. (And large 'aviator' style glasses help protect your fragile eyes from flying splinters, wayward flinging photoetch parts, and spurts of odd chemicals.

Here's looking at YOU, kid.

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