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Latest Edition Updates

02/01. This month's wallpaper is Pig Tank, based on Tasca's Miyazaki Pig Tank model.

01/26. A quick programming note: We'll be out of town next week (1/27 - 2/04) for a wedding - somewhere warm. Maybe we'll even see the sun? That would be nice. All Store orders will ship on Monday, 2/5.

01/02. New Year, new wallpaper: based on Plum's Vic Viper Ver. Gradius IV model.

12/02. This month's wallpaper is Hold the Line, based on Mykel Miller's Bandai SBY:2202 Dreadnought model.

Somehow, September and October's updates disappeared, and I can't find them on this new computer. I know what happened with November (thanks, Keith) - uploaded to the dev site but not the live site. So, anyway, November's wallpaper is new again. I think I have a handle on this new machine and all my various caches of data. Moving forward ....

08/12 Finally figured out why I could not transfer files up to the website, so now the August wallpaper is finally online.

Over in the Store: US Postal Service changed their classes of service late last month, consolidating mpst of the various ground methods into a new class called "Ground Advantage". It was supposed to be "backwards compatible" ... In practice, not so much (if you really want to know why, I can bore you offline). Anyway, the code is being updated this weekend so there will a less-expenive alternative to Priority mnail soon (I hope). I'm also dusting off the UPS API, because why not? (There's a UPS Store not far from me I can drop packages off at).

Stay Tuned!

08/02. This month's wallpaper is based on Jun Cu's Revell-Monogram Babylon 5 model.

07/24 My updates keep disappearing. I've just reposted them - let's see how long they last. Yeesh.

07/03. This month's wallpaper is based on scratchbuilt models, displayed at Wonderfest, by John Douglass.

06/02. This month's wallpaper is based on David Hanners' Rocinate from "The Expanse" (TV show/novels).

Are you going to Wonderfest? If so - print the coupon below and come on down to our table. Can't make it? No worries - everything that's on sale there is On Sale here!

Wonderfest coupon

05/01. This month's wallpaper is Rama, based on Arthur C. Clarke's novel, "Rendezvous with Rama" - the next film scheduled to be made by Denis Villeneuve (keep your fingers crossed!) Model by Mike Walston.

04/03. This month's wallpaper is based on USS Queensland, a Sovereign-class variant, by April Welles.

For those headed to Wonderfest this summer, the Iron Modeler sign-up should be up this week - now on the Wonderfest website.

Also, lots of new kits and accessories in the Store - and more being added this week, including a kit that had been on backorder since 2014!!

03/02. This month's wallpaper is based on Alex Sandstrom's Year of Hell 'Voyager' . I'm actually glad that was just a 2-parter, and not the whole season as had been pitched...

Also, lots of new kits and accessories in the Store - and more being added this week. Stay tuned!

02/03. This month's wallpaper is based on Ceasar Alfaro's Very-not Bandai Gundam

01/08. Had a bit of a health scare this week. Still catching up. I actually had this ready to go .... and then, well. Never mind. All better now.

This month's wallpaper is based on Justin Seitz's 1989 Batmobile.

12/02. Phil Todd's 1/700 "Space Battleship Yamato" (what he got from the SSM booth at Wonderfest-woot!woot!) is the subject of this month's free, downloadable wallpapers.

11/02. Shawn Weiler's 1/350 'USS Constellation' is the subject of this month's free, downloadable wallpapers. This the 1/350 scale Polar Lights USS Enterprise modified to NCC-1017 USS Constellation as protrayed in the classic episode "The Doomsday machine".

Check out all the new kits and accessories in the Store - including Moebius' 1/72 Orion Space Plane and AMT's 1/72 Razorcrest!

010/3 October's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Mark Webb's 1/72 Wolfhound fighter , an original design now available as a kit.

09/11 The Tips, Tricks & Techniques library is available once again, as is the site search function (click on the magnifying glass icon on the page or the search box at the top for that one, depending on which version of the site you see).

09/06 Got a bunch of new Paragrafix detail sets in the Store today - along with some old favorites. I've also been updating the Instructions Sheet Library.

09/02 August's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Mike Walton's 'Ultra Hawk' from "Space: 1999". It's a conversion of the 1/72 MPC 'Hawk' kit.

Long time visitors will notice some changes in the site over the past weeks. It's all part of of bringing SSM into the modern age - I task I fell behind in over the years as work, family & life took up all my attention. Now that Linda and I are on the cusp of becoming 'empty-nesters', I'm hoping to be able to devote more focus here. It starts with the most heavily-accessed pages but eventually will encompass all the thousands of articles, features and Gallery posts.

Wish me luck!

08/05 August's free, downloadable wallpaper is something a bit different, inspired by too much spicy food, or possibly lack of sleep. Kudos to Robb Merrill for making it happen!

07/04 Apparently, I forgot to upload all of last month's files (though I did manage to get the wallpaper page online, so there's that....). Now they're up. Also, July's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on BP Taylor's scratchbuilt Almagest, which was awarded "Best Starship" at this past Wonderfest.

06/06 June's free, downloadable wallpaper is late because of Wonderfest, from which I've just returned. It's based on Jonathon Marshall's 1/537 USS Enterprise from the original "smoothie" kit, lovingly detailed and lit.

05/02 Wow. Ten years of Wallpapers! May's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Terry Miesle's 1/1000 EFCF Fast Combat Support Tender DAOE-01 Asuka from Space Battleship Yamato: 2202.

04/18 For those going to Wonderfest in just over a month, the Iron Modeler sign-up link is here.

04/02 April's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Steven Jochum's Aries 1B - in a different setting. This is from the 1/144 Stargazer Models resin kit. While I was at it, I updated his feature article on building and lighting it.

There's plenty of new kits and restocks in the Store, so have a look! We also have a shipment departing Japan this week - which may be the last until these insane freight prices start coming down again.

03/08 Apparently I messed somthing up and the last update didn't actually make it online. Sorry about that!

03/02 March's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Gerhard Kreutzer's "Fast Support and Maintenance Vessel" FSMV-1 Dodonna. This is his 1/2500 kitbash entered into the Trek-Wars Contest, a design I really like.

02/03 February's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on science vessel/training ship SS A. Ekerstedt, from the 1/1000 SSM conversion from a number of years back.

01/02 January's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Nathan Kelley's 1/48 (Fine Molds) Blue Leader's X-wing from Rogue One.

Good riddance, 2021 - don't let the door hit you where the Good Lord split ya. The good news is: I tested negative (again) for the 'rona. The bad news is .... I really should have got that flu shot. Ah, well. It's always something. I've been building - you guys should as well. It's thereputic.

I've also been working on a bunch of stuff behind the scenes which I hope to debut soon - so stay tuned (or catch up later, your choice). Also, there's a bunch of new stuff in the Store - some kewl reissues and experimental/conceptual subjects for the most part (I've already started this beast). Fun stuff to while away the long winter hours whilst we wait for the spaceships coming from Round2, Moebius, Pegasus, et al. to doggie-paddle their way across the Pacific.

Today in History

March 1

1990 Secret Service raids Steve Jackson Games.

1952 Steven Barnes, author, born.

1966 The Soviet Union's space probe Venera III becomes the first object made by humans to land on another planet when it reaches Venus.


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