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Your Two Cents: TRON Recognizer

The following are reader's opinions of the TRON Recognizer made by N/A.

Reviewer   Frank D
Date Reviewed   Jun 5, 2007
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments My biggest beef is this kit does not have tabs for gluing. I had to visualize each piece before cutting to make sure I had the proper tabs before cutting. You may prefer to take the time to quickly sketch tab lines before cutting. I know the tabs were ommited for those people who rather glue end to end, but can't they just cut off the tabs? With the cutting behind me, I proceded to fold all the pieces carefully. That is hours of work. Then I glued all the pieces. Hours more work. Then to fully bring out the detail I painted over all the red lines with glow paint... yet MORE hours work. The base was mounted on foam board and strips cut from the back to allow bending. An excellent kit, but more time consuming than painting a plastic kit. Since that kit does not exist, I gladly built this one to go with my TRON Tank. I printed on 13 x 19 paper because I needed a larger scale. It went great with the small Lightcycles included in the Tank model.

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