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Your Two Cents: ARC-170

The following are reader's opinions of the ARC-170 made by Revell DE.

Reviewer   Jim James
Date Reviewed   Sep 14, 2005
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments I had no intention of snapping this together without paint. I've already scratchbuilt the cockpit interior and the R2 unit and I'm starting on the repainting.

There are a few challenges in painting this kit.

OK, so decals for the markings are available from CultTVMan but it doesn't include everything - no nose emblem, no green stripes, no little yellow triangles for the wings plus a few more things that might have helped with repainting. I've already scanned the nose art from the instructions and plan on making decals of that and the a few other markings.

Scratchbuilding the cockpit isn't too hard given that resources are almost non-existent. The gunner's seat should be moved closed to the back and the pilot's seat moved forward.

The trouble with snap-fits is that you pretty much have to assemble them before you can clean seams and paint (the wing assemblies are a perfect example. My advice is to paint what you can, mask, assemble and paint the final gray coat.

I used Light Gray, Testor's Fulcrum gray and Euro Gray. Testor's Insignia Red is a great match for the red on the kit.

This really is a nice kit that has some easy scratchbuild opportunities. If you want to build it like a real model builder, it's a good start.

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