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Your Two Cents: Republic Star Destroyer

The following are reader's opinions of the Republic Star Destroyer made by Revell (Germany).

Reviewer   Mark Laiman
Date Reviewed   Jan 1, 2001
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments I got this kit for fathers day and its definately worth having. Overall the detail is crisp and accurate. The fit is excellent, with virtually no flash or seamlines. Those that were there were in places where it was easy to clean up and fill. The kit went together easily, and as stated in a previous review the engines can be left off to make painting easier.

There are a few minor niggles. Draft angle errors on the engines caused by the simple two part casting. Minor sinkholes on the engine nozzles. A lack of detail on the front of the conning tower sides (lack of windows), and the most glaring of all the bridge windows. On the conning tower you will find all of the windows recessed and looking good, on the bridge you'll find them raised with raised partitions. These look bloody awful and I will be cutting mine out. Also watch out for an error with the secondary engines. The instructions, and the locating pins will get you to put them on upside down compared to the box photo! Simply trim off the inner pins and stick em on the right way round.

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