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Your Two Cents: Republic Star Destroyer

The following are reader's opinions of the Republic Star Destroyer made by Revell (Germany).

Reviewer   Harald Rotter
Date Reviewed   Jun 23, 2005
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments This kit is well thought-out - parts meet on panel lines, everything fits fine, and detail is sharp. What a difference to the old AMT/Ertl ISD! When you get ready to put the sidewalls into the lower fuselage, you instinctively reach for file and sandpaper, only to realize after a few minutes that everything is in place and there was no need to adjust the fit of anything. And when you dry-fit the upper fuselage, it is difficult to get if off again, so good is the fit. The kit looks great as completed, and there is still ample room for superdetailers. I'm quite sure though there will be no resin sidewalls for this one : )

Trying to think of any criticism (and I feel like a nitpicker saying this): there is no inside detail to the engines (no flameholders or the like), and nozzle detail is a little coarse. BTW, it is possible to change the construction sequence and leave off the engines for easier spraying. If you do that, glue parts [37] and [38] to the back wall [36] before you glue the back wall to the lower fuselage.

Another great kit from Revell of Germany. May the Force stay with them.

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