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Your Two Cents: USS Defiant

The following are reader's opinions of the USS Defiant made by ERTL.

Reviewer   maki
Date Reviewed   Jun 20, 2005
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.

Assembly: At first , I glue upper and lower main hull part. Then glue small parts. I shave original panel line , and I engrave new line for washing down black paint.It takes long time. To add front pulse phaser canon muzzle , Impulse engines nozzle and some hull lights, I use Kotobukiya modeling supoort goods series circle mold parts set. I see DS9dvd and starship and federation pages of Shuukan Star trek(Japanese weekly magazine) for reference. But I basicly made as I like.

Painting: I paint flat white overall after painting a surfacer. So I musk by the tape and paint each coler section. Same as assembly ,I basicly paint as I like. Stand color is the same as Communicator pin. When I put on some waterslide decals, I was careless enough to rip them. Some decal lie to the hull ligths . So after the decal putting on ,I must cut out around lights.At the end I spray clear matting paint.

Overall: The number of the parts is very few, so it is easy to assenble this kit. But The hull is too big to display in the room,there are not Clear parts like the other AMT kit, and panelline mold is not good for washing down. However, I enjoy work for this kit, because I love Deep Space Nine very well. I think this kit hardly come into the market now ,so the niner should buy this kit.

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