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Your Two Cents: ARC-170

The following are reader's opinions of the ARC-170 made by Revell DE.

Reviewer   steve
Date Reviewed   May 23, 2005
Overall Rating       Not good at all. You really have to want it bad.

haven't actually gotten a hold of one of these kits, but wanted to make some comments...

at first, i was really excited to hear that revell got the rights to produce kits from, 'revenge of the sith'...

but, was majorly disappointed to discover that almost all the kits were not only snap-fits, but also pre-painted...

felt like it was lot for revell to ask modelers get real excited about...

it would really be nice to discover that 'fine molds' has purchased the rights to produce kits for episode 3 as well, as i know they'll really do the vehicles justice and they will be more in line with what people who are passionate about modeling were expecting...

i just can't get myself to purchase the revell kits, as they're more like the bandai star trek offerings, but much less detailed...(no r2 unit for the ARC 170- come on, guys...)

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