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Your Two Cents: USS Nebula

The following are reader's opinions of the USS Nebula made by FXM.

Reviewer   George Fordyce
Date Reviewed   Apr 22, 2005
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments I bought this kit off Ebay for $40.00 and I thought it was cool looking at first glance,even though I received it with some of the pieces broken due to packing by the person I bought it from.

First I examined the kit to see what I need to do,and see how easily the broken pieces could be fixed.And to my surprise they went together well with CA glue and Bonder.I fixed the kit and moved on to the next step.

Second I put the 6 piece kit together and the 1/3900 scale kit(About 4.5 inches in length assembled) fit together well except for the nacelles ,I had to cut out the bottom so they would slide into place on the wings on each side of the kit,the problem I ran into was getting them aligned properly,it took a few hours to do that.And then I had a problem getting the saucer section to stay in place,I had to use clamp(Clothes Pins) to hold it in place,even with the CA Glue and bonder It just did not want to take,but after being clamped for about 2 hours,it was fine.

Now on to painting,This took the paint better than it did on the Galaxy Class Dreadnought I built and did a review on.I beleive it had to do with the paint,I used Polly Scale paint on the Dreadnought,and Model Master on this one,the Model Master seems to be more adhessive to the perlescent resin than the Poly Scale Paint,and If you are clear coating this kit,use Testors gloss coat,instaed of Krylon,it works better.

In conclusion this kit was a little easier than the Dreadnought,and more fun. I give it 4 Strong Stars and for a 1/3900 scale it is a cool piece to display.

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