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Your Two Cents: Slave One

The following are reader's opinions of the Slave One made by ERTL.

Reviewer   C. Bibbee
Date Reviewed   Mar 26, 2005
Overall Rating       Average. Get it if on sale or you love the subject.
Comments I'm very grateful for Mr. Matero's review. I'm working on the 'Slave 1' right now, using the 'Attack of the Clones' cross-section book to backdate it to the 'Jango Fett' version (I like the color scheme, and it has to be easier than the 'Empire Strikes Back' version). So far, I've rebuilt the interior (using a variety of bits-box leftovers; Gillette disposable-razor snap-on safety covers provided raw material for the seats!), and am now in the process of wrestling with the awful fit of the hull sections (I've already reinforced most of the joints with styrene scrap, and will probably end up cuting off the locating pins on the 'skirts' and mounting the backplate with Evergreen styrene bar 'strutting'). Thanks to the review, I can now corect the error I hadn't noticed on the two thrusters (I've already cut out the 'oval' or 'letterslot' on the backplate, and installed a clear plate for the hyperdrive shunt emitter). All in all, it's an interesting model, but I'm glad I only have to do it once. Thanks again.

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