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Your Two Cents: Type 9 'Speedboat' Shuttle

The following are reader's opinions of the Type 9 'Speedboat' Shuttle made by Resin Ranger.

Reviewer   Jon Kunatz
Date Reviewed   Jan 1, 2001
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments My speedboat came in the mail a week ago and Its nearly finished. All I have left to do is paint the beastie and fix a few of the faults. Now don't get me wrong here, I like this kit. Hey,...It's a speedboat shuttle, how many of these can you find on your local hobby store shelf? Not too many I think. Now being that its a speedboat gets high marks from me, thats the good news. Being that it's a resin kit, me thats the bad news. I have a bit of an aversion to resin kits. I'll buy a resin kit if its a subject I simply gotta have but if there is a slight possibility of the kit coming out in injection moulded styrene, I'll wait for the plastic kit. What I don't like about resin kits are the numerous pinholes that have to be filled on these kits,not to mention short shots and the like. Also because the resin is not to healthy for you either. I remember getting quite sick after completing my Madcat. I guess I took my breath mask off too many times.

Well this kit did have pinholes and shortshots, at least on my sample, but luckily these are easy to fix with gap filling super glue and a kicker, although I hate it when a void forms on an edge 'cause sometimes the plug falls out as you sand it. Arrrggh!

All in all if you can handle these little defects the kit is a real no brainer. Slap it together, paint it , fill the holes!!! and you got a very slick looking Star Trek shuttle. Although I thought 70 bucks was a bit steep for this kit, in the end it was worth it. Like I said before...It's a speedboat. Many thanks to Marc King of Resin Ranger for creating the model.

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