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Your Two Cents: How to Build Sci-Fi Model Spacecraft

The following are reader's opinions of the How to Build Sci-Fi Model Spacecraft made by Richard Marmo.

Reviewer   Marco Scheloske
Date Reviewed   Aug 2, 2004
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments I built SF-models as long as I can think. Mr. Marmo just beats me in one point: 27 years of modeling experience...

This book is highly recommended for every SF model builder out there. The step-by-step guides are superb, and best of all, Mr. Marmo makes MISTAKES. Yes, really. He`s no modeling god, he`s just one of us. AND he describes how to fix those mistakes. The book is very inspiring, and very well written. Some of his words could be taken directly from my own modeling soul - and I laughed more than once loud because of his sometimes humoristic and realistic style ("with a bit of patience and your tongue in the correct position" - hey, he must have looked at me while I was building something!).

I own some of the models he describes step-by-step, and guess what: I put them on my workbench.

I can not thank two of my friends enough who gave that book to me as a "thanks" for some translating service I provided for them. It`s been a while I enjoyed a book that much, and I read a lot, believe me! My comclusion: Get it if ou can!

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