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Your Two Cents: USS Enterprise-E

The following are reader's opinions of the USS Enterprise-E made by Bandai.

Reviewer   George Hill
Date Reviewed   Feb 4, 2004
Overall Rating       Average. Get it if on sale or you love the subject.
Comments I don't think this kit was as good as the Refit Enterprise. Whereas the Aztec pattern on the Refit Enterprise is subtle and looks good no matter how far away you are when you look at it, The paint scheme on the E stands out and looks stupid if you get too close. The parts do not fit together unless you force them together, and even then, there are gaping seams where light leeks through. This model seems to be a model of the ship in between Nemesis and Insurrection... since it has the torpedo launchers that the Enterprise got in Nemesis, but is missing the extra phaser banks. If the modelmakers had left the torp launchers off, or put the phasrs on, this would be a decently accurate model... but since it's missing stuff, it looks stupid. And it's really expensive too... not worth the $70 I paid for it. For $70, you're better off getting the Ertl kit and accurizing it. You'll have a better model.

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