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Your Two Cents: Naboo Starfighter

The following are reader's opinions of the Naboo Starfighter made by ERTL.

Reviewer   Jürgen Steffers
Date Reviewed   Dec 31, 2003
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments This kit is certainly aimed at younger, less-experienced modelers, who have no problem with bad fit.I found it a bit underwhelming, with its Mr.Blobby Anakin-pilot. On the other hand, I do not have anything against the chrome. It's smooth, with only a little bit of irregularity on the underside (at least in my kit) One has to remember that most of the shine that the fighters had in the movies,dìd look too shiny, thanks to the post-production rendering of shine.

The only thing I found really annoying was the chromium R2-unit.White paint wouldn't stick, even after sanding away most of the detailing, which I a little bitty accidentally did.

I made the Anakin "blob" into a Padmé in disguise,easy to do, since N.Portman is tiny. Some clever sculpting and scraping et voilà... Tiny woman in big cockpit, and a bit more uniqueness.

The biggest gripe i have with this kit, is, that the chrome engine halves do fit really, really BAD!! (Yup, capitals..)So the effect of the nice chrome is annihilated by some unsightly gaps...shame....

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