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Your Two Cents: USS Enterprise NCC-1701

The following are reader's opinions of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 made by Polar Lights.

Reviewer   Jeffrey Griffin
Date Reviewed   Dec 4, 2003
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments Fantastic little kit! Designed in such a way that a novice modeler can pick it up, build it using the snap-kit abilities, slap the stickers on it and display it. Or, a more experienced modeler can make it in to a work of art - as has been shown by many of the images in the gallery pages here at Starship Modeler.

Since the "cirlces and lines" on top of the primary hull are visible in only a very few screen grabs, I think that PL was more than justified in not wanting those added. It's not like it takes a rocket scientist to add those on with a plastic ruler and compass, anyhow.

The size of the model makes it perfect for a desktop display at work or a shelf full of all four variants of the basic design - 1st Pilot, 2nd Pilot, Regular Production and "Mirror" Enterprise - as well as the other starship names & registries included. And then there are all the conversion kits that are either currently available (such as the PNT "Franz Joseph" dreadnought, destroyer/scout & tug) or on the horizon (such as the Larson, Loknar, Detroyat and others soon to be available). You can easily put four of these kits in the place of one 18" kits space on a shelf!

Details are great, as well - especially since there were so few of them on the studio model! Windows not being engraved in the hull isn't a real problem, nor should it be for more folks. You can use the stickers as a guide should you feel the need for "real" windows to be in the hull. Stick 'em on in-place, break out the #11 Xacto blade or scribing tool and go to town! Overall, I love this kit and look forward to the upcoming 1/1000 scale TOS Klingon Battlecruiser and 1/350 scale NX-01 kits. Models for modelers, designed by a modeler and produced by a company that loves models. :-D

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