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Your Two Cents: USS Enterprise NCC-1701

The following are reader's opinions of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 made by Polar Lights.

Reviewer   Kenn
Date Reviewed   Nov 5, 2003
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments I'm a "Trekkie" and one of the biggest fans of the futuristic design of the original Enterprise. I bought the new Polar Lihts version and threw it in the garbage where it belongs. Let me tell you a few things as I see it.

(1) This model is too small to do justice to the elaborate details that would appear on a larger model. This model should have been made no less and 22" in scale with the "Cutaway" version!

(2) What are you talking about accurate--where are the lines and circle markings on top of the saucer section?

(3) Why did they put the trademark logo on bottom of the saucer section instead of in the inside where it could not be seen. The person that designed this model should be fired from ever working on another model. This is inexcusable!

(4) If Polar lights wants to make this for 6-10 year old kids--fine! That is all this model is good for--kids. The fans and 'Trekkies" want something that does justice to the original master. HOW? Listen up!

We want a 3 foot--perfectly detailed lighted version with modulating bussard caps and blinking navigation lights for under $200.00 dollars. This is America!!! This is easy for Polar Lights to do. This 11" inch plastic thing is a joke and an insult to all of the fans who are still waiting for an accurate 3 footer or at least 22" version. My dad always said :"if you gonna do something do it right or not at all"! Polar Lights needs to start doing things right by producing big size perfect replicas under $200.00! I'd be willing to pay $500 for such a model.

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