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Your Two Cents: Necron Destroyer

The following are reader's opinions of the Necron Destroyer made by Games Design Workshop.

Reviewer   Michael E. Major
Date Reviewed   Aug 19, 2003
Overall Rating       Average. Get it if on sale or you love the subject.
Comments The Necron Destroyer kit is a nice little kit that can be put together quickly and easily. The review I'm writing this in response to is a good one that covers all the basic points.

Problems are:

  • Base fit: Drilling is necessary to get the upright solidly into the base. This is annoying and hasn't been a problem on previous GW kits.
  • Gun Rods: Gluing them down is a hassle. Some folks have mentioned that superglue will fog transparent plastic parts. I must say that I've never run into this particular problem. The difficulty with these gun rods is that if you do glue them in the glue tends to show through them. I didn't learn this until too late. Another flaw is that the mold designers attached the sprues midpoint rather than at the end. That makes the fit a bit finicky as you've got to "bury" the attachment point.

    One thing that was NOT a problem was the decal set. I've no idea why the previous reviewer gave up on them and/or recommends doing the markings yourself. I did three of these kits (as I actually play the game) and used the decals extensively without any problem at all. They look quite sharp.

    Here's how I did my decals for these kits:

    First of all, they're pale gold. This might or might not be a problem depending on the overall colour you chose for your kit. Because my kits were base coloured in gold (Vallejo Old Gold, actually) I applied black patches to the areas that would get decals. This worked to bring out the contrast very well and looked quite sharp next to the gold. When the paint was dry I brushed on a clear gloss coat and let that dry before decalling. I applied the decal, top coated with Solvaset (which I vastly prefer to micro sol and set) and let dry. After the decal was dry it got another coat of gloss clear to seal it in and a satin coat over the entire kit for protection during gaming. That's it!

    Enjoy your Necrons, and happy model building!

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