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Your Two Cents: USS Excelsior

The following are reader's opinions of the USS Excelsior made by AMT/ERTL.

Reviewer   Sven Ferron
Date Reviewed   Jun 9, 2003
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments The Excelsior I think is a good kit to start modelling with "Trek-kits". I like the design of the Excelsior and I've to say that the ship is one of my favourites. But there are some facts I was a little disappointet with. Even it is a relatively big kit, it has only a few windows. Most of them are around the saucer. The windows on the secondary hull are in a rectangular, not in the typical oval/rounded shape. The most of them are much too big and for such a big kit there are definetly not enough of them on the secondary hull. On the Saucer Module the phaserturrets on the undersite of the hull are not placed on the typical rectangular base, like the turrets on the top of the saucer. And the kit is like her sistership, the Enterprise-B, not in Scale with the most of the other Trek Kits ERTL has produced. On the other hand, there are a lot of aftermarket products even for this kit. With those you can make a very nice beauty of your model. The fit of the parts is good from what I can tell, and I had fun building her. If you're an advanced modeller/kitbasher, this model provides a lot of kitbashing possibillities in itself

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