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Your Two Cents: USS Prometheus

The following are reader's opinions of the USS Prometheus made by Starcraft.

Reviewer   Babbit
Date Reviewed   Jan 27, 2003
Overall Rating       Average. Get it if on sale or you love the subject.
Comments Given the popularity of the Voyager episode "Message in a Bottle", the U.S.S. Prometheus model would be inevitable. Starcrafts' product has all of the correct details and proportions, but is full of warped parts which make the kit difficult to complete.

As in all Starfleet designs, it is difficult to manufacture a kit without bent or misaligned warp pylons. The Prometheus is no exception. Since is made out of resin, it can be heated in water in order to gently bend its pieces back into shape, This requires multiple heatings, and steady nerves. If the hull components are bent, the problem is too grave to use the heating method effectively.

The Prometheus has a special problem as well: its modules are intended to be detached and reattached repeatedly. The fit must therefore be perfect; no filler can be used to mask deficiencies. I had to permanently glue the secondary hull modules together ( and fill gaps) in order to complete the project.

The decals are minimal, and inaccurate. Prometheus features a unique version of the Starfleet pennant on its nacelles. Starcrafts includes an older, incorrect, version. I am waiting for JT Graphics to produce an aftermarket version of the Prometheus decals in order to do it right. JT Graphics says that it will make them sometime this year.

One more thing; I had to remove the delicate blades of material which are found on the Prometheus' port and starboard flanks. They are just too fragile. Many of them were already broken when I opened the kit. I replaced the blades with Plastruct half rounds. They look virtually as good, and are far more robust.

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