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Your Two Cents: Jedi Starfighter

The following are reader's opinions of the Jedi Starfighter made by Fine Molds.

Reviewer   Kyle Moore
Date Reviewed   Sep 13, 2002
Overall Rating       Not good at all. You really have to want it bad.
Comments Is Fine Molds kidding? 75 parts and 175 decals for a 4 inch kit?! Let me be the first to say this-the emperor (Fine Molds) has no clothes. I've purchased all three of their Star Wars kits and have been increasingly disappointed with each sucessive one.

The detailing IS good, but DOES NOT make up for the kits' diminuitive size. With some scratchbuilding modifications to the already existing ERTL/MPC kits, one can make pretty accurate replicas. Better yet, purchase the excellent Hasbro toys-especially THEIR awesome Jedi Starfighter and knock yourself out. It's much larger, just as detailed, and cheaper.

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