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Your Two Cents: Discovery

The following are reader's opinions of the Discovery made by Lunar Models.

Reviewer   Randy Stuart
Date Reviewed   Oct 21, 2000
Overall Rating       Not good at all. You really have to want it bad.
Comments I bought the Discovery model from Monsters in Motion 3 years ago because I always wanted a model of this ship ever since I saw the movie. I have models of the Moon bus and the Orion shuttle from when they were first offered. I felt that as a modeler my skills had advanced to the point where I could tackle a kit like this.

When I opened up the box I was severely disappointed. Not only was the model very inaccurate to the movie version but the casting was terrible. Several pieces were mis-shaped, crudely cast blobs that look like they were removed from an old worn out mold before comepletly setting and allowed to remain that way. There is zero quality control over the casting process with no inferior parts being replaced. If you are used to the hi-quality castings available for aircraft and other models you will be sorely disappointed in this kit and half tempted to throw it away or build a better one. This is what I am attempting to do, to scratch-build a 54" Discovery. If you have $3000 lying around then Captain Carboard, who makes the Aires shuttle and the EVA pod, will make one for you.

The bottom line is that if you absolutely, positively have to have this kit and you think the British 18" is even worse, which it is, then buy the kit and be prepared for a lot of heartache and work to get it presentable.

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