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Your Two Cents: Northstar Enterprise (refit)/Enterprise-A

The following are reader's opinions of the Northstar Enterprise (refit)/Enterprise-A made by Northstar/DeBoer Hulls.

Reviewer   Louis Lasalle
Date Reviewed   Jul 24, 2002
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments While I'm not interested in writing a full review at this time, here are a few things the reviewer missed:
  1. The "bolts" (highlighted in red on the studio model) are missing from the shuttle bay doors.
  2. The "side panels" beside the hanger doors are modeled from the printed blueprints, which do not match the studio model. In order to add the blue sidelights, it will be necessary to sand-down a little raised panel.
  3. The saucer underside is missing the "extra" pair of panel lines where it reads "NCC-1701". These were easy to add. I first scribed them with an X-acto knife and a straight edge, then I "scraped" the X-Acto down the scribe line at an angle several times. They match the molded scribe lines very well.
  4. This is a maybe wrong. In some photos, the main gangway on the port side of the saucer appears to be raised, in others it appears flat. The model's is "flat, etched into the surface.
  5. The raised and lowered detail of the impulse deflection crystal is reversed. However, it does match that of the Reliant. The "impression" is still correct.

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