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Your Two Cents: USS Excelsior

The following are reader's opinions of the USS Excelsior made by AMT/ERTL.

Reviewer   Eric Banker
Date Reviewed   May 3, 2002
Overall Rating       Average. Get it if on sale or you love the subject.
Comments I recently decided to start modeling again and I picked up one of the Enterprise B models for around $30. Like others have said this is a small model. If you put it next to the Enterprise A, D, or even the Ertl 18 inch original enterprise this kit looks small, really small. Anyway on to the review.

The Saucer Section: The saucer has quite a large gap when put together that took quite a bit of work to get rid of. One other problem is the impulse engines. I don't know why ERTL made a separate part for the impulse engine holder. Sometimes I think they intentionally make things difficult. This piece does not fit well and had to be filled and sanded and filled and sanded. This part was a pain.

The hull: The main hull was not that bad to put together. There was not much of a seam to fill on this part and it went together easily. Just take your time on this section and it will come out fine.

The Neck: This is another one of those "Why did they do it this way" ERTL things. On the one I bought the neck lines did not match up at all. It took a lot of work with a small file and putty to finally get it looking even remotely like the neck of the ship.

The Engines: These went together pretty easily. For this part just be careful when taking the parts off the trees.

Over all it's not a bad ship. If you wanted to slap it together real quick and paint it then it would not look that bad. If you really want to take the time to get rid of the seams and gaps and get it looking really good though this kit is a pain. The parts just don't fit together well and the molding of the neck is a nightmare.

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