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Your Two Cents: Mach 5

The following are reader's opinions of the Mach 5 made by Polar Lights.

Reviewer   chris
Date Reviewed   Apr 25, 2002
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments Overall very nice. If you want to be nitpicky, or are a Mach 5 purist, then this is not the best kit out there. However, taking general accuracy of the body, fit and finish, and price, into consideration, then by all means get and build one. The body is faithful to the cartoon in its lines and ratio. The engine was nice, although of course the cartoon car did not have a rear turbine engine. Forget about the horrible cutters and jacks unless you modify them--they are very untrue to the cartoon. The interior, while generally inaccurate, was acceptable. The whole kit was molded beautifully with little or no flash, and everything went together very easily. I was able to make the steering work, but I had to shave the shaft down to fit and I greased the linkage/mechanism with some silicon grease. It works but it's still iffy. The undercarriage I felt was very lacking in detail or realism/faithfulness to the cartoon. Once again--five hole wheels--the mach 5 has six hole wheels. Few representations of the mach 5 get that detail correct. Clear parts aren't clear, but I'd hear PL was releasing replacement clear parts, which I've never seen. I really liked the inclusion of the bubble canopy--another rarely seen item in mach 5s. I finished mine in two-tone, white over light grey, as I feel the cartoon car was "painted" as such, but there's debate on that. Instructions are good only as a drop cloth to keep your table clean, or as paper airplane stock. Decals were pretty nice, though the door markings could have been bigger. This kit is so easy to paint and build, I would say forget about the snap kit which has far fewer features and go for the glue version, even if you're inexperienced at model building.

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