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Your Two Cents: Mach 5

The following are reader's opinions of the Mach 5 made by Polar Lights.

Reviewer   Simon McCaffery
Date Reviewed   Apr 18, 2002
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments I recently completed the glue-kit version of Polar Lights' Mach 5, and had fun making it as accurate as possible. Many potential problems were avoided by reading Jim James' review -- he's right about the wheel/axle assemblies, etc.

To accurately paint the cockpit/steering wheel/dashboard, an easy reference is the compilation "Speed Racer: The Movie," available on VHS and DVD. You can probably rent this at your local Blockbuster, etc. The very first episode on the tape runs through all the Mach 5's special features and includes detailed scenes of the steering wheel and cockpit details.

I added working headlights to this model using small 3V incandescent lights. These are typically used by folks who light dollhouses. I drilled small holes through the area where the chromed headlamps would be affixed, and snugged down the bulbs. The wires were run through the bottom of the wheel well and out the back of the diorama case, soldered to lead wires from a small AAA battery pack with an "on-off" switch, available for a couple of dollars from Radio Shack. I painted the interior of the headlamp wells yellow before affixing the clear headlight covers. The effect is very realistic and fun!

I also removed the chrome from the wheel hubs (oven cleaner) and painted them metallic aluminum for a more realistic look. All in all, a great 1/25 kit!

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