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Your Two Cents: Starcrafts Zerg & Terran Marine

The following are reader's opinions of the Starcrafts Zerg & Terran Marine made by MRC/Academy.

Reviewer   Adam Canning
Date Reviewed   Apr 9, 2002
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments Just a few points from knowing what exists in the StarCraft Game

FireBats are Flamer armer fheavy infantry. The Marine Medics are indeed female and one might expect a female commando [Ghost] and a guy on a jetbike [Vulture] if tehy were being sensible. The other terran stuff the Goliath Walker, Arclight Siege tank and the aircraft are likely to be a bit big.

On aliens I'd expect to see the Protoss Zealot [Close combat suit], Templar [Biggger suit with cloak] and Dragoon [Four legged Gun mech]

For the Zerg the Zerglings [Small fast chaser melee types] seem likely the others that come to mind are larger [Ultralisk, Mamoth thing] or flying.

They might do the engineering units drone, Standard Construction Unit and Probe. See [] for theoriginal source. Adam -- Once you have pulled the pin, Mr Nova Bomb is no longer your friend.

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