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Your Two Cents: TIE Bomber

The following are reader's opinions of the TIE Bomber made by Scale Model Technologies.

Reviewer   Brian Thewlis
Date Reviewed   Mar 6, 2002
Overall Rating       Average. Get it if on sale or you love the subject.
Comments My first real Sci Fi Complete Resin kit and a little underwhelmed ! Having done a few resin aircraft kits, which from manufacturers such as Czechmaster or Magna Models are excellent, the work involved in the T.I.E Bomber is a lot and very daunting when first viewed.

All parts suffered from flash and fit of most parts was average, the new inside wing inserts were particularly poor, they needed heaps of sanding plus fillers of Plastic rod/strip to get close to a snug, flush fit. I also found the mouldings had heaps of bubbles that needed filling. The instructions I found very vague and due to the copying process some portions were illegible. The part identification, especially the smaller parts was also rather poor. Items such as the wing support braces Part T were unusable and replaced by brass tube.

Nevertheless, do the time on the prep work and it does come up a gem. To fill all the bubbles I generally drilled them out and superglued either stretched sprue or Evergreen rod in the resultant hole. Once filled and sanded, you never even know they were there (although after the first 30 it becomes a little tedious). Once complete and painted nothing ever seems that bad. We will see how it goes at the Australian Model Expo this year.

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