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Your Two Cents: EnnexOWon

The following are reader's opinions of the EnnexOWon made by PNT Models.

Reviewer   Jim James
Date Reviewed   Feb 6, 2002
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments Joe's in-box review hits all the major points. This is a really nice model.

I've started construction of mine and found two minor problems - both solvable with patience.

First, it's not really clear which of the rear vents goes where. They both fit on either side although after much deliberation, I did find that they aligned better on one side than the other.

The second problem was mounting the nacelles (a feeling of Enterprise deja-vu). I had no problem with the port nacelle but the mounting tab on the right wing required some filing to ensure it sat squarely on the hull boom and lined up correctly. Of course, this may have just been me.

Painting instructions seem clear although I'm not sure how realistic the dry-brushing with Metallic Silver will look. I'm going to try a technique I've used before - using a lightly loaded eye shadow applicator (sponge tipped brush). In theory, this will give me a smooth, consistent and almost translucent coat of silver.

I will probably use decal sheet for the black and gray panels and bands.

And I had to chuckle at the inclusion of the Akira decals - just remember to glue the nacelles on upside-down for this version!

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