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Your Two Cents: USS Excelsior

The following are reader's opinions of the USS Excelsior made by AMT/ERTL.

Reviewer   Steve Hein
Date Reviewed   Jan 20, 2002
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments My Excelsior experiance started when I saw Generations. I always liked the Excelsior herself and built a decent model from the AMT/ERTL kit. But for some reason I liked the way the Enterprise B looked a little better. It's the flares and the revamped warp nacelles. I have recently started work on my second Enterprise B. I didn't like the way my first one came out. (Plus the fact that it fell off the shelf, both nacelles snapped off, and the saucer cracked) I highley reccomend going over to Federation Models, ordering PCModelers Aztec Hull decals for the Excelsior, then heading over to Thomas Models and getting his insanley detailed decal sheet for the Excelsior refit.) Like a lot of people, I do not have the technique for getting those aztec details just right. They always appear off to me. Part-wise, the kit is pretty good. There are a few spaces that will need to be filled and a few pieces that need a bit of filing or sanding, but overall mine worked well. It is a good model to paint and detail because getting it looking good at that scale is half the fun. Although it would be better if it was in scale with the Enterprise 1701-A from AMT/ERTL as stated by so many modelers.

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