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Your Two Cents: Discovery

The following are reader's opinions of the Discovery made by Lunar Models.

Reviewer   Thomas Bell
Date Reviewed   Dec 31, 2001
Overall Rating       Not good at all. You really have to want it bad.
Comments First off, I don't know yet if I got a recast or not or if it may be a very early issue of the kit.

I've almost bought this kit several times in the past and broke down and won it off a recent eBay auction. First off, my kit came in a soft white box almost like a square shoebox and all the parts are molded in a brownish resin. Many of the parts have very soft detail, especially the little boxes, most of which were broke off their stems/sprues. The sphere is hollow and has the pod bay door removed- and it appears it wasn't cut out but actually made this way instead of being "molded" in place like the other two doors. There is also no metal rod unlike other kits of this item I've looked at.

While I was looking forward to building this kit, after going through the mess in the box, I am seriously thinking of reselling it or paying someone to build it as I have literally dozens of kits in various stages of construction before it and the likely aggravation this kit will give me isn't worth it.

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