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Your Two Cents: Drej Alien

The following are reader's opinions of the Drej Alien made by Polar Lights.

Date Reviewed   Jul 21, 2000
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments I have to agree with John. The fit is really good although on mine, there was one or two small gaps. Obviously, in order to make this kit practical for builders of all ages, alignment pins and such were needed. I wish that weren't the case as it really would have been possible to build this kit as a clear model. Instead, after fixing all of the seams, I'm going to go back and paint it a metallic blue followed by saveral coats of Tamiya clear blue. This will be followed by Tamiya smoke in the deeper areas were shadows should appear. I'll finish things off with several coats of gloss clear to make sure it has a nice even finish. I really wish the alignment pins hadn't shown up as lighting this kit to give it a glow would have been really great. Anyone interested in a clear resin version?

The size is great. It's nice to have a big figure to work with. The biggest disappointment (the clear thing is one of those wishful thinking ones) is with the base. The base is a big, flat, boring oval that shows the strengthening beams and Polar Lights licensing information on the back side. In all honesty, it's either going to get trashed or heavily modifed as it is the worst base I've seen offered in a kit. There could have at least been the Titan AE logo or something else of that nature on it.

Mark F.

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