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Your Two Cents: Robby the Robot

The following are reader's opinions of the Robby the Robot made by Polar Lights.

Reviewer   Trevor Warner
Date Reviewed   Sep 11, 2001
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
  • manufacturer: Polar Lights
  • cost: $15us $55aus
  • Parts: 50 plastic
  • instructions 1 sheet
  • decals: none needed
  • paints: gloss red/yellow/flat black/gloss blue/blue-grey mixture/flat grey gun metal
  • references: Movie Forbidden Planet Warner Bros 1957
  • Modelling Cast Quality: 8
  • Detail: 8 Accuracy: 7
  • Fit: 7
  • Ease: 9 (experienced modeller)
  • Instructions 6
  • Paint guide: Not in accordance with colour scheme in movie
  • Decals Not applicable Overall 7

    Although for the most part I followed the painting guide supplied the colours recommended were not in accordance with the colours used in the movie. The movie version of Robby is a flat greyish colour all over. The only colours are the front face panel voice tubes which go blue when he speaks and the blinking lights on the tips of the weapon neutralisers and the front chest panel dial lights which spin. The front chest panel on the kit shows only 4 keys underneath however in the movie this is a series of piano style keys which move changing from black to grey. Also the top joint for the legs in missing pin detail which do show on the foot and could have easily been included here. The additional chest panel cover and claw hands I do not believe are necessary.

    The clear plastic head fins are too bulky and the gyro stabilisers are two solid flat circles when in fact they are not. Some of the parts need sanding to fit better and putty will be needed to remove seams from arms, legs,torso and a few other places. A more realistic painting guide plus a few minor improvements in detail could have led to a near perfect replication of the movie version of Robby. Also it surprised me why the head and legs where not designed to rotate on the torso as it would have been easily achievable with this model. Overall this is a well built model which was enjoyable to build and paint .

    The colour I quoted is probably wrong after a closer examination of a couple of sites that refer to the movie the colour should be more a gloss gun metal dark grey. The Movie I watched which is a recent reprint of the original the colour has probably faded over time. Best search sites on the web and there are a few that show good colour pictures from the original movie.

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