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Your Two Cents: 2001 One-Man Pod

The following are reader's opinions of the 2001 One-Man Pod made by Atomic City/Captain Cardboard.

Reviewer   John Young
Date Reviewed   Jan 1, 2001
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments As I am in England I ordered the kit and dealt with Scott by e-mail.Yes, I had to wait, but Scott kept me informed.

The kit arrived well packed,complete,undamaged and some spare acetates and decals were included, to allow for the usual accidents in construction.

This is by far the best moulded, most accurate and best researched garage kit of a sci-fi machine that I have seen. Clean, strong, consistent resin, not too brittle, everything fits with minimal clean up and if you can find any ommissions externally you have better eyesight and more source material than I have.

Clean up, test fit and make sure everything that should be square is square and the constuction is straightforward. I made constant use of a tiny metal engineer's square to ensure the interior uprights etc were accurately positioned, tedious but worthwhile.

A Permagrit block is the best tool I have found for getting flat surfaces. The contours of the kit are complex, keep them undisturbed by using care, not filler. Do not be discouraged by the admission that the interior is "partial", straight from the box it looks and feels right.

I have done some additional clean up of the interior hull walls, added some detail to the interior front wall,but more for my own enjoyment than anything else, because little will be visible or register with a viewer beyond what Scott provided.

The acetate control panels look great when backlit and the extra set allowed me to make extra displays to enhance the busy feel of the interior.

My pod is not yet finished ,but find any excuse to buy and build this kit. It's Christmas,Easter,your birthday,or it was or it will be.Hey,it's 2001!

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