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Your Two Cents: 'Mini'-Voyager

The following are reader's opinions of the 'Mini'-Voyager made by Revll-Monogram.

Reviewer   George Hill
Date Reviewed   Apr 7, 2001
Overall Rating       Average. Get it if on sale or you love the subject.
Comments This kit is a nice first model for a kid, but a more experienced modeler would probably want to get the bigger Voyagers. However, if you're doing something like a diorama in small scale, this model is much better to use than the micro machine. There are a lot of small areas that they forgot to paint, that would be very hard to (bussard collecters, Warp coils, Deflector dish,) but if you're willing to spend some time on it, you could do well with it. (P.S. The Kazon and Maquis ships in this set are worse.)

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