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Your Two Cents: Enterprise-A

The following are reader's opinions of the Enterprise-A made by Starcrafts.

Reviewer   Kyle Nembhard
Date Reviewed   Apr 2, 2001
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments I recently purchased Starcraft's refitted constitution class kit from Federation Models. I received it two days after I placed the order. Overall, this is a very well detailed kit but has some "kinks" that need to be worked out. The model contains some warps but fortunately the directions show how to correct these deformities. It is a simple matter of blowing a hair dryer on that warped area, bending it to the preferred position and running cool water on the spot to make the material hard and stiff again.

The kit is very simple to assemble but in some cases a real challenge to paint. I used a dark aircraft gray primer as a base coat. After spraying the primer and after I let it dry. I then painted over the whole model again but with a light gray paint from Model Master. I found myself using up to three coats at times. Be sure that the paint also gets inside of the grooves in the saucer section as well as other parts that this method should apply.

After painting over the primer, then came the tricky part. I decided to tackle the nacelles first. I used black gloss enamel. Painting the hard to reach spots is not as hard as it may seem. Do not worry about being messy. Just make sure to get the paint in the places that need apply. Once that is done, paint over the inappropriately painted areas that are left over with the light gray paint. This may require up to three coats to cover up the paint that was left over. To give the "blue light thingy", located at the front of the secondary hull, its bright blue color so that it would appear that it is actually being lighted, I first painted it white, then used light blue gloss enamel and painted over that spot gently.

I strongly recommend assembling before painting because I went through a week of correcting the deformities that I found. The reason why I like this model so much is because of its flexibly. Unlike other models this one is able to have its deformities easily corrected. I've always wanted a model of the Enterprise (refit) in this scale for as long as I can remember and now that I have one; it's like a dream come true. My model is 90% completed. All I need now is the decal set that I am waiting for, from Thomas Models. My model will represent the original refitted Enterprise from Star Trek's I- III. Once the decals are applied, She will be ready to leave dry dock!

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