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This section contains the reference materials on various sci-fi, fantasy and space subjects we've been able to assemble, as well as other material of interest to scale modelers. Do you have something you'd like to contribute? Drop us a line!

Media Sci-Fi | Examples for Scale Modelers

Media Sci-Fi References

Disco Balls 2001: A Space Odyssey remains one of the most significant and intellectual sci-fi films of all time. It's models long destroyed under orders by director Kubrick, all that remains are the images in the film, and a few visual artifacts. We've tried to collect the best (and hardest to find) imagery to help give a well rounded picture of the hardware from this cinematic landmark.
[B5 ships] Babylon 5 (and it's spin-off, Crusade) may well be our last, best hope for intelligent TV sci-fi. Everything about this show is different - including the starships. The spacecraft of the Babylon 5 universe are some of the most exotic and imaginative found on any screen. There's amazing variety -from the icy elegance of the Minbari, to the gritty realism of the Earth Alliance to the pure menace of the Shadows and the functional ugliness of the Earth Alliance.
[Starfury] Starfury Reference Pages - A pictoral guide to the markings of every distinct Starfury seen on Babylon 5.
[Bitstream] Other Sci-Fi Vehicles - Vehicles of all types have been important players in cinematic sci-fi from the beginning. This section contains ships and vehicles from various shows not covered elsewhere on the site.
Space:1999 Graveyard Space:1999 - Probably the most notable sci-fi TV series of the '70's, this series offered up some of the most creative and interesting ship designs ever seen on TV. Playing a central role was the (ever-crashing) Eagle transporter. This ship's design demonstrates a fair degree of astronautic insight - a quality missing from so many of today's sci-fi media vessels.
[Big, Bad E] Star Trek: Movies - From Star Trek: The Motion Picture® through Star Trek:Insurrection®, ships of the Federation, its allies and enemies have soared across the big screen. Many were familiar but some, such as the So'na, were almost wildly creative.
[And the sky full of star ... ships] Star Trek: Deep Space 9 was the first of the franchise to break - even a little - from Roddenberry's original vision. The starships, however, continue in the familiar Trek universe design philosophies of the various races, building on what we've seen before.
Voyager fleeing explosion Star Trek: Voyager - Voyager tried to return to Star Trek's roots - with a twist. Whether or not the show did that successfully, it did continue the tradition of neat spacecraft design.
[Starship Troopers] Starship Troopers - A behind-the-scenes look at the models used in one of the most spectacular SFX-laden films ever.
[Star Wars] Star Wars - It's hard to believe now, but Star Wars was originally a sleeper. No one could have expected or predicted the sucess it would attain, or the impact it would have on Hollywood in general and sci-fi in particular. Just in time for the next installment we have a look back at the ships of the first trilogy, courtesy of the 1998 Smithsonian exhibit.
[UFO] UFO - Best known for his marionette sci-fi serials, Gerry Anderson was the media sci-fi creator for kids of the 60's. His hallmark was always cool, high-tech vehicles. As the decade came to a close, he moved from puppets to live action with the series "UFO" - the prequel to his most famous work: Space:1999.

Visual References for Scale Modelers

[Ouch] Real-World Weathering Examples - a collection of images of vehicles, buildings and equipment providing examples of real-world weathering effects, for hardware and diorama modelers.

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