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U.S.S. Voyager (Intrepid class) Color Notes
Reprinted from its original appearance in Scale Modeling Tangents

By Rick Sternbach
Star Trek Senior Illustrator ©1995

The following FS numbers are taken from the Floquil Military Color reference Guide, June 1995. In some cases the guide does not cover more generic model paint colors, and the modeler is urged to search and experiment. All color call-outs indicate the last four digits of the FS designation. The prefixes to those FS numbers vary depending on finish: "3" for matte, "1" for gloss. Assume all paints are matte unless specified.

If the modeler follows these numbers, the result will be a very acceptable replica of the starship Voyager. It is well known that the video image on one's home television screen is absolutely no gauge for recreating the look of the 5 foot shooting miniature or CGI model. The actual colors of the model are sometimes "tweaked" in the transfer from film to tape, so the "real" colors of the ship are an approximation at best.


Ship Detail FS Color (last four digits) Notes
Overall Hull -5526 Deckhouse Blue Various areas of the hull are a slightly darker shade of this color; mix to taste.
Phaser Strips -6357 Concrete or
-6165~ Ger. Lt. Gray
Small Sensor Hull Platforms (U/L) -5630~ I.J.A. Gray    
RCS Thrusters 1 -2473~ SP Daylight Orange,
-7030 NATO Tricolor Brown,
-0115~ Orange Ochre
Central Deflector Dish 2 -2473~ SP Daylight Orange,
-0115~ Orange Ochre
Auxilliary Deflector Dish 2 -2473~ SP Daylight Orange,
-0115~ Orange Ochre
Sensor Strips & Large Insets -5189~ USN Blue Gray Accent individual sensor instruments with copper and dk. gloss blue.
Lifeboat Hatches -3613~ Panzer Int. Buff
or -7778~ French White
Bridge Module Top Plates -3531~ Israel Tan    
Impulse Engine Exhaust Vents -6357~ Concrete Cut this with a little white to match value of hull color.
Lit Windows -7778~ French White/gloss    
Unlit Windows -6152~ Panzer Dk.Gray/gloss    
Warp Nacelle Coils (Long) Copper metallic (this represents the engines off.), Lt. Ultramarine Blue (this represents the engines on.)    
Bussard Collector Coils (Short) -3434~ UP Armour Yellow    
Bussard Collector Intakes Watermelon Pink    

1: Use Orange Ochre overall, outline entire quad and thruster nozzles in Daylight Orange, and fill nozzle interiors with NATO brown.

2: Use Orange Ochre overall, outline antenna components in Daylight Orange. Slightly darker shades are used to fill some antenna panels.

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