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Your Two Cents: Mad Cat Omni -Mech

The following are reader's opinions of the Mad Cat Omni -Mech made by Armorcast.

Reviewer   Martin
Date Reviewed   Sep 26, 2002
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments The kit is the best thing I've ever seen for Battletech. I would like to see much more.

Reviewer   J├╝rgen
Date Reviewed   Apr 3, 2001
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.

First I was astonished about the fast shipping from Armorcast to Germany. It took less than a week by air.

The model arrived in a box very careful filled with styropor waste to avoid any damage during the shipping.

In the first step I cleaned all the parts with a dishwasher ingredient as proposed by Armorcast. On the second I removed the few blocks of resin remaining from the fabrication. Resin smells unhealthy so I did this near an open window. Armorcast even recommends a dust mask for that work although I decided to go on without it.

For the painting of that Madcat I managed to get some Revell paints out of my modeller box. My Madcat was intended to be part of Clan Wolf, an online Mechwarrior 4 Clan I'm part of and it should match one of my favorite battlegrounds in that game: Palace Gates. For this map is mainly brown- green I took a bright brown as the base paint (see picture at the end of this review). Details I wanted to be red (Weapons, heat sinks), nato green (service entrances) and yellow (Sensors). As decals I chose Clan Wolf's sign plus the Galaxy I'm participating, the Omega Galaxy.

Thus the next step (3) was to paint all the parts with the base color brown, machine guns and knee cable black and rockets white with red noses.

Then I assembled the legs, first foots and ankles, then lower/upper legs with heat sinks, then foots and legs. The Pelvis, both legs and the hip covers were attached to finish the lower half of the mech.

Then I mounted both arms and the three parts of Cockpit, lower body and body box seperately. To glue the shoulder weapon mounts the right angle I put the arm-mounts into the body holes while glueing just the weapon mounts to the body. Before attaching the missile launchers to their mounts I put all the rockets and the sensors in. Arms were removed then to assemble the missile launchers.

On the finished assembly I repainted some details (cockpit, joints) and then produced the decals for the legs and the body by printing them with an inkjet and attaching them by paper glue.

Body joint, Wrists and Arms are not glued, so they are pretty easy to adjust to another position. Arms may be replaced by some other weapons configuration armorcast is offering too.

Conclusion: This model is a great thing to work on and to have it standing on my shelf when I'm playing Mechwarrior online. I may go for the Atlas the next time, though I would prefer the Raven as an armorcast model because it's my all day mech when I'm on my own in the gaming zone. Armorcast, please bring the Raven! This is a picture of my recently finished Clan Wolf Omega Galaxy Madcat,Primary Config

Reviewer   Brandon Magyar
Date Reviewed   Nov 5, 2003
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments This kit rocks! I am still in high school and had to srape money to get it, but I am happy I got it. I have yet to build this kit but it looks like one of the best resin kits I, or anyone in my model club has ever seen. It's simple assembly allows for all sorts of customization.

Reviewer   LEN EMERY
Date Reviewed   Mar 3, 2004
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.

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