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Our On-Going Mission...: Starship Modeler's Resource Site was conceived and designed in September, 1996 with one thing in mind: building science fiction and factual space models. Thirteen years later, Starship Modeler™ is still all about building science fiction and factual space models. We have a thriving discussion forum community and an on-line hobby shop as well.

We figured that if folks wanted to look at flashy eye candy they could go to any one of a million other sites ... so you'll find very little in the way of animated gifs, fancy icons, Java and other forms of non contentent-enhancing material here. We put a lot of thought into making the layout easy to read and easy to follow, taking the extra steps necessary to document what was done to build a better model. We've also done our best to make the site easy to navigate, with intuitive (and functional!) links to internal and external pages. The site is written in good old-fashioned HTML, so it should look the same to all viewers. AOL's version of MSIE makes the images look muddy .... but AOL browsers have always done that.

Fonts We use Arial font throughout, except where we don't. This comes standard with most Windows machines, but if you don't have it, you can download it below thanks to Kevin Atkins. For certain headings, we use the Haettenschweiler font, which you can also get - and thanks to Keith Brenton, you can get it for the Mac as well. Please note, if you have another browser, such as WebTV, you're pretty much out of luck for these at the moment.

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Submission Guidelines: Got something you want to contribute? We're always on the lookout for new material. All material on the site is covered under the copyright of Starship Modeler™ to protect us and our contributors. We do retain reproduction rights to images for promotional purposes only. Authors retain the copyright to all their images and text, and may distribute them elsewhere as they see fit. Contributors get prominent billing and have the option of including a link to their e-mail address and home page (if they have one). We can't pay for material (just maintaining this site is expensive enough!). We're in this for the love of SF modeling, just as you are. We may edit submissions, though this is done only to correct any existing grammatical problems. We regard the substance of the article as sacred. If we require substantial changes, we'll either ask the author to tweak the work - or we'll get the author's permission to make changes, if that's what they want.

We'll take input from any source (just about) - even a simple e-mail is fine. However, it really helps if you follow these guidelines: (click here).

Don't have a scanner or digital camera? No worries - drop us a note and we'll work something out.

Unless we specifically ask to reprint a given article or pictures, Starship Modeler only accepts previously unpublished material. If you are submitting an article to us, please do not submit it elsewhere at the same time. We print almost everything we get, so if we've left any question in your mind as to whether or not a work is accepted, just ask us.

Just who are the selfless souls who bring this site to life?

John Lester aka OneZero

John built his first kit at 7 (the old Monogram Wildcat, if you must know). Trained as a rocket scientist, he gave it all up to pursue a career as a US Marine ... until one day he met his future bride in an AOL chat room. After leaving the Big Green Machine he found work as a programmer and jack-of-all trades for a small consulting firm. He now resents every minute spent in front of a computer and dreams of life as a potted plant. Besides starships, John is fascinated with aircraft, and has a collection of unbuilt flying machines even more impressive than his one of unbuilt spacecraft.

[Cute and cuddly, boys -]

Terry Miesle aka TER-OR
Forum Administrator/Associate Editor

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