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Mike Kraybill


It has become a matter of pride for me to build my own terrain. The less I spend the better. However, this does constitute being somewhat of a packrat and can endanger a relationship. (My wife spotted me and a buddy rummaging in a dumpster and threatened to leave me if I ever got arrested for stealing trash!).

  • #1 Packing material- This type of Styrofoam has a great texture for concrete.
  • #2 Expandable foam- Left over from a project, I created an "Alien Pod" thingie.
  • #3 Plastic screen and model sprue- The screen came from the dumpster.
  • #4 PVC pipe- Also left over from a project.
  • #5 Lava rocks for a gas grille- They make great asteroids, you don't have to paint them, and they go on sale at the end of summer.

    Don't be afraid to try something. If you haven't paid anything for it, you won't lose anything if it doesn't turn out right.

    These are some other notes, don't be afraid to spend money on paints and brushes. A good brush goes a long way in making a project look good. Steal other peoples ideas (just kidding), but looking a what someone else has built CAN give you a creative boost. If possible, ask questions. Where did you get this?, what did you use?, most modelers LOVE to talk about their stuff(I know I do). EXPERIMENT!

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